The Food Group is not active at the moment (June 2018) but anyone who is interested in reviving it is welcome to contact us. See this summary and this on the RCE.

The Food Group of RCE Wales brings together higher education researchers, community groups and educators to develop good practice in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, with an emphasis on food.

The United Nations University (UNU) describes a Regional Centre of Expertise as: “A network of existing formal, non-formal and informal educational organisations, communicating ESD to local and regional communities.”

RCE Wales grew from an initiative led by the Centre for Alternative Technology and UNESCO-Cymru, which was promoted by the Welsh Government in 2008. The Government, with HEFCW and ESDGC projects across Wales, provided input to enable the formal application process to be undertaken by the ESDGC team at Swansea University, assisted by the University of Wales, Newport. ‘RCE Wales’ was accredited by the UN University in 2010 and its secretariat is at Swansea University. The Food Group was set up soon afterwards and was chaired by Jane Powell. The other members were Jane Claricoates (Swansea University), David Skydmore (Glyndwr University), Jayne Hunt (Welsh Perry and Cider Society) and Ann MacGarry of the Centre for Alternative Technology.

The Food Group exists in order to get people thinking about what makes food education transformational. How can we learn from what’s already happening and take it to a deeper level, applying the best thinking from all sources to explore the subject and put it into practice? It is now inactive but please contact Jane Powell for further information.


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