Food Values: the first seminar

By Sophie Wynne-Jonessquash

On the 17th September 2014 we held the first in a series of seminars as part of a nine-month action-research project on Values and Food Education, which is a collaboration between myself in DGES and Jane Powell from the Organic Centre Wales (OCW). The seminar was intended as an interactive, ideas generating session to inform future educational events, asking:

How can a values approach inform the delivery of successful food education events?

At the end of the year we intend to produce a ‘tool-kit’ of good-practice for educationalists working in food sustainability, including useful and meaningful metrics to measure the success of events and education programmes. Today we started that journey by sharing some exemplars of good practice, and considered the educational and social psychology behind these different approaches.

Previous approaches to OCW food events have been grounded in educational theory: emphasising experiential approaches to learning and acknowledging the different dimensions of learning from the individual to the collective, subjective to objective (see the approach described here). Through this project we hope to augment this basis for our work by considering the implications of a values-based approach to education and social change.

To do this, we are working with the Public Interest Research Centre to draw on their experience of values through the Common Cause approach. Their positioning paper sets out some key starting points for our project and the discussion of the seminar.

What Next?
Over the next nine months we will host a series of food education events working with partners across Wales. These events will run in an action learning cycle with academic seminars designed to evaluate and inform the educational approach taken at the events. Our next seminar will be held in January; please contact me (Sophie Wynne-Jones) if you would like to be involved.

See a report of the seminar.

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