Our position paper

You can download ‘Transformative education and food: thoughts from Wales’ a position paper by the Food Working Group of RCE Cymru/Wales, by following this link:

Transformative education and food: thoughts from Wales

Please post your comments below, in English or Welsh.

Mae croeso i chi ymateb yn y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg.

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2 Responses to Our position paper

  1. Jan Morgan says:

    I’ve read the position paper, and am very impressed with the scope, clarity and content. Well done to the Food working Group!

  2. This is what the head of research and innovations at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Peter Harper had to say about the paper.
    “What an intriguing and sophisticated document. Reading it feels like that trust game where you stand rigid in a circle of friends and get bounced gently and unpredictably from one side to another, but always coming back to the balanced middle.”
    Peter is the author of the Land Use chapter of CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain 2030 scenario. (www.zerocarbonbritain.org/)

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